Top 5 most buying and favourite cars of Pakistan in 2018.

Top 5 most buying and favourite cars of Pakistan in 2018.

Let’s start our today’s blog, In this blog, We will tell you the Top 5 most buying/selling and favourite cars of Pakistan. As we all know that cars and other vehicles save a lot of our traveling time. But here we will discuss only the top 5 cars and brands with the highest selling ration in 2018.

Suzuki Mehran ( Top 5 )

Suzuki Mehran

Mehran is the most buying and selling a car in Pakistan. In 2018, almost 20,000 Mehran cars are sold because of its beautiful and stylish body. This is the most favourite car of Pakistani people. Mehran car is assembled in Pakistan, it is a product of Suzuki Company. Mehran car is very old Variant of Suzuki in Pakistan, Suzuki has launched this product back in the 1990’s.

          It is 700cc car with no air-bags, no power steering, not Automatic etc, See below for its complete specifications. It is very expensive if we compare its specifications with the price. Mehran has only a couple of Unique specifications than the other brands.

Price: Above the 8 lac’s. Now Suzuki increased its car price. On 31 July 2018, Pak Suzuki sent the notice to its authorised dealers regarding increasing cars prices.

Engine CC: 700cc.

Airbags: No air-bag. It gives a very bad impression on Suzuki Mehran.

Power steering: No power steering.

Transmission: Manual

Air Conditioner: It depends on customer choice. If he want AC in car he has to pay some extra money for it.

Top speed: 140kph

Fog Lights: No

Interior and Exterior: If we talk about the interior and exterior of Mehran then we come to know that the interior is very bad. it does not give you a comfortable journey. Seats are very small actually the size of a car is too small.

Colors: Your choice

Corolla Hybrids Cars (Japani)

Toyota hybrid cars are very famous in Pakistan because of its specifications like interior design and exterior design. The Pakistani dealers import these Hybrid cars from Japan. These cars are made in Japan. The range of these hybrid cars start from 15 lac’s to 20 Million but it will give you a very comfortable journey.

          Pakistan import Plethora of hybrid cars such as Toyota Camry, Prius 1.8, Aqua, Mark X, Axio etc.

As an example of Japan cars, you can see in these pictures. It is a Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.5cc Petrol. It,s detail is given below.

Detail Of Camry 2.5:

Price: 44 to 48 lac. 2015 Model.

Engine CC: 2.5cc.

Airbags: Four airbags for front and back passengers safety.

Power steering: power steering.

Transmission: Automatic.

Air Conditioner: Yes.

Top speed: 180kph.

Fog Lights: Yes.

Interior and Exterior: Interior design is very good with leather seats and Multimedia controlling steering wheel with air-bag.

Exterior design is also very beautiful and elegant.

Colors: Your choice.

Honda City

A city is a product of Honda. It is in the third position in our list. It is a 1.5cc car with many specs like airbags, ac, Power steering, power windows, fog lamps, Trunk, Push start engine etc. Honda City comes in two variants, 1.5 and 1.5 Aspire. Honda company sold almost 25,000 + cars in the past year’s 2016 and 2017. Honda city is most widely used in Pakistan.

Price: 18 to 24 lac.

Engine CC: 1.5cc.

Airbags: Two airbags for driver and front passenger. 

Power steering: power steering.

Transmission: Manual and Automatic. Its your choice.

Air Conditioner: Yes.

Top speed: 240kph.

Fog Lights: Yes.

Interior and Exterior: Interior design is very good with leather seats and Multimedia controlling steering wheel with air-bags.
Exterior design is also very beautiful and elegant.

Colors: Your choice

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla is the second most buying car in Pakistan, It is very popular and famous in Pakistan. Everyone can easily afford this car, it is at a reasonable price. It gives you A lot of functions and specifications such as air-bags, power windows, pushes start engine, keyless entry and much more.

          Interior quality is superb. Seats are made of leather and pretty cool, gives you a very comfortable and relaxing journey. Corolla comes in 3 variants Xli, Gli, and Grandy. Xli has fewer features than the Gli and Grandy. Grandy is full optional such as sun-roof, multimedia controlling steering wheel, alloy rims, keyless entry, Push start/off, power windows, 1.8cc, automatic and manual depends on your choice which you want to buy.

Price: Xli 1.3 15-18 lac. Gli 1.6 17-21 lac. Grandy 1.8 24-27 lac.

Engine CC: Xli 1.3, Gli 1.3 and 1.6, Grandy 1.8 full optional.

Airbags: Yes complete safety of all Passengers in Grandy.

Power steering: Yes.

Transmission: Manual and Automatic depends on your choice and budget.

Air Conditioner: Yes, Top quality AC.

Top speed: 220kph.

Fog Lights: Yes, But not come in Xli and Gli variants, but if you want this feature you can take it bye giving some extra money.

Interior and Exterior: Excellent Exterior design.We will give 9 out of 10. Leather seats, Leather dashboard. In simple it is very comfortable and beautifully designed. 

Colors: Your choice

Honda Civic

A Dashboard of Civic 1.8

Honda Civic is at the top of the list. It is a most buying ever car in Pakistan. Its price is more than the Corolla Grandy. This car comes in two (2) variants civic 1.8 and civic 1.5 turbo. Civic turbo is specially designed for a sports car, it has more horsepower than the civic 1.8.

An Engine of Civic 1.8

         Civic 2018 model has a plethora of features and specifications such as leather seats, sun-roof, keyless entry, power window, automatic/Manual transmission depends on your choice but you have to pay more money if you want to buy a full optional car. Honda company sold out almost 30,000 Honda civic both variants in between 2017 and 2018.

          The dashboard of civic is superb and most beautiful ever then the all Honda cars of Pakistan. The dashboard is made of leather, It gives a very beautiful and elegant look to a car.

Price: Above the 27 lac’s to 32 lac.

Engine CC: 1.8 and 1.5cc

Airbags: 4 air-bag. Complete safety for the passengers and driver.

Power steering: Power steering.

Transmission: Both.

Air Conditioner: Chill AC.

Top speed: 240kph

Fog Lights: Yes

Interior and Exterior: Excellent. You can see in the pictures clearly.

Colors: Your choice

A Civic 1.8 2018 Model

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