Top 5 indian bloggers || India’s Top 5 bloggers and how much they earn from blogging in 2018

Top 5 indian bloggers || India’s Top 5 bloggers and how much they earn from blogging in 2018

This article is about the Indian Bloggers. Indian bloggers are on the top of the list when it comes to blogging. There are thousands of people who write articles(Blogs).

As you know Blogging is very easy but sometimes it’s very tricky when it comes to a specific Niche i.e Technical, Travel, Events, Mobile phones etc etc. Indian Bloggers earn Millions of US Dollars Monthly, some of them do blogging as a part-time But mostly Bloggers Write article/blogs as full time job. There is two famous Platform such as Blogger(Blogspot) and WordPress(WP). These two has different properties and functionalities but From my point of view, WordPress is very easy as we compare with the Blogspot. WordPress is very easy to use, we can add different theme’s, layouts, Plug-ins, Widgets, Pages etc but when we talk about the blogspot, it’s not very difficult but neither easy, In simple words, WordPress is easy from the blogspot.

So, Come to the Today’s Article. Here is the list of Top 5 Indian bloggers from the period of 2018-2019 and their earnings, Starting time, Website’s, first earning etc. We will start the list from the bottom/last.

TOP 5 (5th):

Name: Srinivas Tamada.
          In a US base architect, he works there as a web architect. He also writes the article as a part-time. He converts the difficult concepts into easy way/method so, people can easily understand the difficult things/concept. He writes the complex concepts in an easy way. He starts blogging in 2009 and his monthly income is almost 3500$(approximately). 9 years he’s been doing this job.

Website Name:

Rank In India: 14797
World/Global rank: 119414

Earning: 3500$ (Minimum)

TOP 4 (4):

Name: Shivya Nath. 
          She is a lady blogger and she ranked on the top 4th position in India as a blogger. she left her to co-operate job and she starts the Blogging career because she loves to travel so, her blog is also related to the traveling. Shivya Nath is a Travel Blogger. She writes the articles about the traveling i.e famous roads, famous places to visit, best restaurants, famous and best Hotels etc.

Website Name: the-shooting-star .com 

Rank In India: 35316
World/Global rank: 366823

Earning: 4000$ (Minimum)

TOP 3rd (3):

Name: Imran Ud-Din.
          He is very humble and kind person he start his blogging career when he was doing the engineering he was in the second semester. His main ambition was to earn some extra money when he was a student. His first income from a website was only 5$(approx). But now he’s earning 10,000$ from his website’s.

Website Name: and 

Rank In India: 5171 
World/Global rank: 59692

Earning: 10,000$ Monthly (Minimum)

TOP 2nd (2):

Name: Harsh Agarwal.
          He is the very famous personality in India as a Blogger, Everyone knew him, He’s the Inspiration of new/junior bloggers. In the starting, he works in a call center but he left his job and start the blogging. His first earning was only 4-5$ then he left his job and starts blogging as a full-time job. Basically, His blogger deals with the blogger i.e how to develop a blog, how to set up a blog, which one is best WordPress or Blogspot, Plug-ins, widgets, etc he writes all kind of tips and tricks about the blogging/website. So, shoutmeloud .com is the best place to learn for junior bloggers or who want to become a blogger. Many bloggers start their blogging career by following his blog. He belongs to Delhi.

Website Name: Shoutmeloud .com

Rank In India: 1162
World/Global rank: 8561

Earning: 52,000$ Monthly (Minimum)

India’s Number 1 Blogger:

Name: Amit Agarwal.
          He starts the job in the Haider-Abad but due to some family reason he moved towards the Agra and he start blogging career in Agra. He starts blogging career in early 2004 when nobody knows about the blogging. He writes about the terms ” how to” means how to create a blog, how to make a video ( these are just as an example).

Website Name: labnol. org

Rank In India: 500 (not exact)
World/Global rank: 5000 (not exact)

Earning: 60,000$ Monthly (Minimum)


These figures are 2-3 months old.

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